School History

Kingsgrove Public School’s first class started on 6th May 1918. The school’s first teacher was Mr Lobban. The school was a three room building on 2 acres of land at the corner of Caroline Street and Stoney Creek Road.

A fortnight later on Saturday 18th May the residents of Kingsgrove witnessed the Official Opening by the Minister of Public Instruction.  The opening of the building was performed with a silver key, followed by the planting of a tree by the Minister and the President of the Parents and Citizen’s Association.

In 1947 the Department acquired by resumption 5 acres of land for the new Primary School on Kingsgrove Road.  The opening took place on 27th March 1954 by the Hon RJ Heffron Deputy Premier and Minister for Education. 

In 1954 the population of the school had reached 1230 students, consisting of 511 students on the Infants campus and 719 on the Primary campus. 

Today the school has approximately 500 students across both campuses.

We look forward to celebrating the centenary of our school in May 2018.

Kingsgrove PS Class 1918

Kingsgrove Public School students from 4th, 5th and 6th class, 1918